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A collection of stories set within the conflicts of a lost world.
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Fool and Scholar Productions is the creative team of producer Travis Vengroff and writer K. A. Statz. Together they create works of audio fiction spanning genres from horror, to science fiction, and more. They have been creating audio drama podcasts and audio entertainment since 2015.

Travis Vengroff

Travis Vengroff

Travis Vengroff is the award winning sound designer, editor, and producer of The White Vault podcast. His search for authentic sound has taken him to the forests of Central America, the black beaches of Iceland, the streets of Oxford, and through misty trails in the Pacific Northwest. As the two person creative team, Fool & Scholar Productions, they release over an hour and a half of scripted, edited, and fully designed content each month. Vengroff is also an educator, consultant, and an active member in numerous podcast communities and organizations, including the Audio Drama Hub, IADAS, and the Podcast Academy. He works full time creating podcasts and lives with his wife and their rescue dog, Eezo.

Kaitlin Statz

Kaitlin Statz

Kaitlin Statz began writing audio drama scripts in 2015 while completing her Master’s program at the University of Oxford. Within the year, her first stories hit headphones as Liberty: Critical Research and Liberty: Tales from the Tower. By 2017, with several audio seasons completed, she launched The White Vault under the same Fool & Scholar Productions banner. Now, with even more shows, she works full time creating audio stories. She lives with her husband and their rescue dog, Eezo.

Brandon Strader

Brandon Strader

Brandon Strader is an accomplished musician and composer/arranger from West Virginia. Strader is an active member of numerous online music communities with over a dozen highly regarded albums to his name. When not mixing audio for VAST Horizon, The White Vault, Liberty, or any number of music projects, he’s cooking, playing video games, or on adventures with his wife and their daughter.


Paul Mella

Paul Mells is a voice actor and self-taught guitarist hailing from Utah. Paul started a popular Youtube page in 2008 under the name “GreatJuja” and in 2014 he studied voice acting under Christopher Robin Miller. He’s released multiple music albums as Careless Juja and also acted in a number of short films and audio drama productions such as Legend of the Boar Knight and The Sherlock Holmes Variety Hour. Paul resides somewhere in a hobbit hole in the Midwest US with his wife, rabbits, dogs, and eight cats. When not playing guitar or voice acting, Paul professionally paints 25mm models, bakes cakes, and plays Dungeons & Dragons.


Lauren French

Lauren French is an aspiring author, poet, singer, and voice actor. A first generation US citizen with a BA in Spanish, Lauren works as a substitute teacher and as a patient advocate in the ER. Her adventures and upbringing have given her an aptitude toward impressions and replicating accents from vairous parts of the world. When she’s not traveling, Lauren lives in Atlanta and has a love for yoga, dance, and making her own beauty products.


Peter Joseph Lewis

Peter Joseph Lewis is a voice actor and probable murder suspect who has gained infamy through his work on the NoSleep horror Podcast. When not portraying vicious monsters or serial killers with cannibalistic tendencies, he spends his time in a cabin deep somewhere near a Small Town just plotting, writing his own works of horror. Though none can be certain of his exact location, it’s believed that he lives near a desolate mountain pass littered with unmarked graves.


Sean Daniel Francis

Sean Daniel Francis is a singer, actor of the screen and stage, writer, and professional voice actor residing in Chicago. In addition to working on several projects in the Liberty universe (as a voice actor and writer), he also has several voice credits with Burning Brigid Media, a popular film and media production company. When not acting, Sean works and volunteers at a not-for-profit school on Chicago’s West Side. In his spare time, he enjoys playing far too many video games, reading historical nonfiction, and grooving out to an eclectic collection of music.

Lani Minella

Lani Minella

Lani Minella is a renown voice actress who has voiced over 500 video game titles, anime shows, cartoons, television shows, radio commercials, phone systems, audio books, car navigational systems, toys, and much more. She is best known for voicing Nancy Drew, Luke (Professor Layton), Wert and Adria (Diablo), Ivy (Soulcalibur), and Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog). She can also be heard at Legoland and various Disney rides! Lani’s unique 4-octave range and finely-honed mimicry skills give her unparalleled vocal mastery. When not providing voices for Bethesda, Blizzard, or the dozens of projects she’s a part of, she can be found teaching vocal techniques, gardening, and spending time with her family of rescue pets.

John "Hex" Carter

John “Hex” Carter

As well as supplying the sultry sounds of Gradius Rodriguez, John Hex Carter is an author, game designer, and serial entrepreneur. His first card game, ROBiTs, came out in 2017 and he’s currently developing his second novel. He can be found going on adventures throughout central Florida with his wife, daughter, and trio of murderous cats.


Christy Luse

Christy Luse is a voice actor who spends every day trying to be a little more like an anime character. Based out of her closet in Vancouver, Washington, her dream is to find a home for all the characters in her head that won’t be quiet. Christy is known for her work in short films and other audio dramas like Far Island. Forever a lover of storytelling, Christy earned her English degree from the same school in Fifty Shades of Grey, though she tends to write within a much different genre. She also continues to study acting with the Act Now Studio in Portland. When she isn’t acting or writing, she enjoys attending conventions, cosplaying, playing Dungeons & Dragons, crying over anime, or doing a number of other things that are undoubtedly nerdy.


Caitlin Buckley

Caitlin Buckley started her voice acting career on Machinima and worked her way up to video games and audio dramas. She loves fantasy, sci-fi, and video games, so voice acting in those sorts of projects has beena passion of hers for the past few years. Caitlin maintains a blog and is also very social on twitter (@CaitlinB_VA).


Bryan Keller

Bryan Keller is an actor and composer out of California. The son of two Broadway actors, his path into the entertainment industry was all but inevitable. Bryan is a graduate of Humboldt State University, and he also won a national commercial competition. When not listening to musicals, writing music, or voice acting he can be found playing water polo, surfing, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Tanja Milojevic

Tanja Milojevic

Tanja Milojevic is a Serbia-American voice actress and one of the early adapters to the modern audio drama movement. She has brought many characters to life on dozens of shows including NoSleep, Organism, Ancestry, You Are Here, What’s The Frequency, Greater Boston, Edict Zero, Pulp-Pourri Theatre, A Scottish Podcast, LightningBolt Theater of the Mind, and The White Vault. Tanja lives in Boston with her friend and service dog Nabu.

Marisa Ewing

Marisa Ewing

Based out of Washington DC, Marisa is the primary dialogue editor of The White Vault. An audio engineer, composer, sound designer, and musician with a love of audio, Marisa graduated with two B.A.s, one in audio production and the other in music with a specialization in film and game sound. She is often working on numerous projects for other audio dramas like VAST Horizon, Dark Dice, and Rusty Quill Gaming.

Jordan Cobb

Jordan Cobb

Jordan Cobb is an actress, writer, and an avid storyteller. A fan of radio plays and books on tape from the time she could walk and talk, Jordan made her first forays into the world of podcasting by creating and performing in the high seas adventure audio drama Here Be Dragons (as Harper Bennett & Dr. Atlas), and the new science fiction horror series Janus Descending (as Chel). Jordan has been featured on over a dozen audio dramas since then, and when she isn’t comfortably settled behind the mic, she’s buried up to her ears in paper and ink, dreaming up new worlds of the wild, weird, and wonderful. She can be found wandering through the streets of New York City, or more reliably at jordanvcobb.com

Daniel Demerin

Daniel Demerin

Daniel Demerin is a voice actor, writer, artist, and developer. Co-creator of the animated series, Little Devils (coming soon), Daniel has a BA in Computer Animation from Ringling College of Art and Design and a cliche degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Being a passion-driven individual with a heavy penchant for characters and storytelling, Daniel was actually given his first break in the voice-acting world working with Fool and Scholar Productions where he gained the understanding of the lived-in experience of powerfully-written characters. This was a catalyst for sending Daniel down a roller-coaster adventure into the realms of immersive worlds and incredibly engaging yarns. Residing in Sarasota, Florida (for the time being), Daniel is also an avid rock-climber, martial arts practitioner & teacher, and all-around fitness junkie.

Liberty Creative Team

(from left to right)

Deon De Lange, South Africa – Sketches / Inks / Illustration
Jezreel, Philippines – Sketches / Inks
Bermudez, Philippines – Sketches / Inks
Sean Hill, OH USA – Sketches / Inks
Casey Bailey, New Zealand – Illustration / Continuity / Color
Adam Cartwright, FL USA – Co-Creator / Storyboards / Concept Artist
Eirich Olson, KS, USA – Cover Art
Matt Bailey, England, UK – Symbol Design / Chapter Boarder Art
Daniel Govar, FL USA – Illustrator
Travis Vengroff, FL USA – Creator / Creative Director / Writer / Editor
Kaitlin Statz, FL USA – 3D Illustrator / Podcast Writer
Eduardo Camacho, FL USA – Lettering
Laurie Thomas, Boston – Fashion Design
Jason Shawn Alexander, CA USA – Sketches / Inks / Cover Art
Joana Lafuente, Portugal – Color
Peach MoMoKo, Japan – Sketches / Inks / Cover Art

Not Pictured:

Dave Dorman, IL USA – Cover Art
Sean Chen, FL USA – Sequential Segments
Karl Moline, FL USA – Sequential Segments
Danielle Otrakji, IL USA – Sequential Segments
Colin Lorimer, Canada – Sequential Segments
Dylan Pierpont, OR USA – Matte Painting
Stacey Baldini, FL USA – Liberty ® Logo Designer
Sean Thornton, IL USA – Illustration
Henry Hall, GA USA – Digital Sculptor

John Dossinger Publishing is an independent, creator-owned publishing company that creates original podcasts, books, and educational materials. Our team is located across six continents but we’re not a large, soulless corporation… yet. Our external services also include brand development, logo design, consulting, video production, editing and audio design for short films & podcasts, and music album production.


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