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A collection of stories set within the conflicts of a lost world.
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A Guide to Liberty – Serialized Sci-Fi Audio Dramas

How to Make an Audio Drama Podcast

How to Become a Voice Actor – w/ Dave Fennoy


Critical Research – Season 1

Entry 001 (Remixed)

Entry 002

Entry 003

Entry 004

Entry 005

Entry 006

Entry 007

Entry 008

Entry 009

Entry 010

Bloopisode 001

Season 1 Q&A


Critical Research – Season 2

Season 1 Recap

Entry 201: Welcome to the Hot

Entry 202: Kon Beginnings

Entry 203: Out of the Hot, Into the Hotter

Entry 204: Seeing Signals

Entry 205: Bigger Plans, Greater Gods

Entry 206: Trickery in War

Entry 207: Confliction

Entry 208: Trade Up

Entry 209: Changing Plans

Entry 210: Deserters

Season 2 Q&A

Bloopisode 002


Vigilance – Season 1

Entry 1: The Model Citizen

Entry 2: The Imaginary Child

Entry 3: Lost and Found

Entry 4: The Room

Entry 5: Close Enemies

Entry 6: Getting Lucky

Entry 7: Mercy Kill

Entry 8: The Long March

Entry 9: Old Friends

Entry 10: A Test of Faith

Entry 11: The Great Awakening

Entry 12: Treachery and Lies

Entry 13: Just Rewards


Tales From The Tower – Season 1

Entry 001: Impostor

Entry 002: Missing

Entry 003: Pinprick

Entry 004: For Science

Entry 005: Floor None

Entry 006: Malfunction

Entry 007: Genetic Markers

Entry 008: Infection

Entry 009: Heavy Heart

Entry 010: Cleaning Day


Tales From The Tower – Season 2

Entry 2-00: A Preview of Things to Come

Entry 2-01: Excuse Me – Part 1

Entry 2-02: Excuse Me – Part 2

Entry 2-03: Escape

Entry 2-04: Nightmares

Entry 2-05: Side Effects

Entry 2-06: Insomniac

Entry 2-07: Underground

Entry 2-08: The Case

Entry 2-09: Deep in Sleep – Part 1

Entry 2-10: Deep in Sleep – Part 2


Tales From The Tower – Season 3

Entry 3-01: The Narrow

Entry 3-02: Cleaning Crew

Entry 3-03: For The Archon

Entry 3-04: Ditto

Entry 3-05: Happiness


Tales From The Tower – The Tower

The Tower (Part 1)

The Tower (Part 2)

The Tower (Part 3)

The Tower (Part 4)

The Tower (Part 5)


Tales From The Tower – Mines and Mysteries

Mines and Mysteries (Part 1)

Mines and Mysteries (Part 2)

Mines and Mysteries (Part 3)

Mines and Mysteries (Part 4)

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First Comic News – 4/5 stars

Huffpost – “Liberty is a series of fictional fully-voiced audio drama shows within an original sci-fi universe that feature immersive sound effects. When you’re listening you will truly feel like you’re in the show as trains pass by overhead. Grounded more in science than fiction, each episode is an adventure into the unknown.”


News and Press – Diving Into Your New Favorite World: Talking ‘Liberty’ With Creator Travis Vengroff (Part 1) – Building A World With Your Ears: Talking ‘Liberty’ With Creator Travis Vengroff (Part 2)

POPCULTHQ – “Stories span numerous phobias from insomnia to sinister Citizens to fiendish technological monstrosities and each episode brings a new level of discomfort to frighten you long into the night.”

Fan Girl Radio – Jessica & Barb Breese interview the awesome duo behind the Liberty series of comics and podcasts Travis Vengroff and Kaitlin Statz

The Pullbox

KCFV Video – “I was lucky enough to sit down with Travis Vengroff, the creator of the Liberty Series. One of the most interesting comic books I’ve ever heard of.”

The Outhousers – Interview with Travis Vengroff of Liberty Deception

Role Players Chronicle – Immersive Role-Playing Experiences Expanded With Liberty


The Liberty Podcast – Awards

Gold Listening Showcase Official Selection – HEAR Now: Audio Fiction and Arts Festival 2020
Gold Listening Showcase Official Selection – HEAR Now: Audio Fiction and Arts Festival 2018


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K.A. Statz – @StatzInk –

Travis Vengroff – @VenTravis –


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